Septic Tank Cleaning – How often should I clean my septic tank, and how much does it cost?

septic tank cleaning

Septic Tank Cleaning

Septic tank cleaning is an issue many homeowners ignore until it is too late, but it is necessary. A septic tank is an essential part of a home. The tank is designed to allow for heavier solid waste to fall to the bottom. There bacteria will decompose the fallen solids and convert them into sludge. Like a glass filled with water and oil, the two contents of the septic tank also naturally separate. Grease and lighter particles float at the top of the tank and form scum. Over time the sludge and scum will build up in the tank, posing a risk of overflowing into the drain field, possibly clogging it. If this happens homeowners should contact a drain cleaning service.

But this can be prevented by contracting a septic tank service every 1-3 years. The septic tank cleaning price usually runs at about $75-$200 in most parts of the country. However, it can reach $300 in more expensive areas. Fortunately in many areas, underground sewage pipes are accessible to homeowners and apartment complexes. These sewage treatment plants are managed by the city and the users must pay a small maintenance fee. The upside is that the city will be responsible for any sewage overflow or damage; they will also incur the fees if a sewer line replacement is needed.

When a sewage system is not available to an area homeowners will have to settle for a septic tank. Land plots with limited space to install a septic tank must then use a cesspool system. A cesspool will naturally drain its waste into the ground below, where the earth cleanses impurities. Homeowners with a cesspool should contact cesspool cleaning service if they believe their system is posing a personal or ecological threat.

There are simple ways homeowners can maintain their septic tanks clean. Products like Rid-X can be purchased and used once a month. A small box runs at about $7 and contains small bacteria that can be flushed once a month down your toilet. The bacteria will eat away at the scum and sludge in your septic tank, and reduce the possibility of it overflowing. It can be purchased in hardware stores and home good stores. Many homeowners choose this method because it is cheaper than contracting septic tank cleaning services once a year. It also prevents having to pay over $6,000 if your tank overflows.

When this occurs a team must come in and dig out the waste submerged ground to find the septic tank and then drain the tank. This is a hefty price because construction equipment must be used and the area sanitized. The home’s toilets will be out of use until this situation is under control. After wards the homeowner’s lawn or yard is left with a deep hole and all the grass removed from that area. This will also force the owners to pay landscaping fees to fill in the hole and allow for grass to re-grow. All of this can be prevented by regular septic tank cleaning or septic tank pumping cost.

Septic cleaning cost


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