Aerobic Septic System – How much is an aerobic septic system and what are the benefits?

aerobic septic systemAerobic Septic System

If you have an aerobic septic system or aerobic treatment system and it is time for your regularly scheduled maintenance are you prepared with all of the information you will need to find a contractor to do the work for you? When you had your system installed you were told all of the benefits to this type of sewage disposal and what the savings would be to you in the long run.

Or perhaps you have a problem with the septic tank that you have and are looking into a new one or a viable alternative. Do a little research and find out what you can about an aerobic system. The initial investment is a little higher to begin with but the benefits might outweigh the startup costs. Some of the benefits are the smaller space required, above or below ground installation and higher quality of equipment. This might be something that could work for your property.

The main differences between the traditional and aerobic septic system are the two stages that the aerobic septic system utilizes. The two stages, disinfecting and aerating, increase the aerobic septic system cost in the initial investment but if you are located in a rural area will eventually work to your advantage with other side benefits. In the disinfecting stage, which is optional, chlorine, or calcium hypochlorite, is used to provide an antiseptic output.

Your system will require constant electricity for the pump to run properly so a generator would be required in case of power failures, also disinfectant tablets will be necessary and they do require replacing on a timely basis. These will be ongoing expenses that are a bit different than the regular septic tank pumping costs. Along with this you will have a settling stage and during this settling stage sludge will build up that will need removal on a regular basis.

The use of electricity will be a factor when you are installing your unit. It can be located below or above ground, with allowances made for the electrical equipment, and this could be a benefit where you live. Maintenance might also be a factor on where you decide to put your septic system. You might want to keep it as easily accessible as possible.

Aerobic septic systems are a perfect fit for rural areas that can provide a variety of locations for the leach area. But regardless of where you are putting the system, whether a small farm, a one family dwelling or for a small complex it is more economical and requires less space for installation than your usual septic system.

Depending on the locale you live in you might want to be prepared with people who are familiar with aerobic septic system problems and will know how to properly repair or maintain your system in case of failure or just to do the regular maintenance. This is a fairly new concept and not all septic cleaning services are knowledgeable about the technology so be prepared ahead of time with information on businesses in your area that can handle the job when it is necessary. This is one job you will not want to leave until the last minute.

Talk to a couple of your local septic cleaner services and get their opinions on the differences and the benefits between the aerobic septic system and the regular septic system to get an idea of which would work better for you and your septic tank pumping cost or a septic tank service.

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