Septic Tank Pumping Cost – How much does it cost to get your septic tank pumped?

septic tank pumping costSeptic Tank Pumping Cost

If a crisis during the night would have you asking about septic tank pumping cost it is time to start doing your research. When something like septic tank maintenance is needed you will want to have facts on hand instead of getting caught at the last minute with a big bill to pay. On average you should have your septic cleaned every two or three years to remove the build-up and corrosion in the pipes. The cost of cleaning will depend on the amount of work that will be required and by properly maintaining your tank you will be sure of lower costs.

If you have been doing regular septic tank care this will save a lot of problems and expenses for you. By taking proper care of your septic tank and using the correct chemicals necessary for flushing it you will lessen the chance of needing septic tank service and save yourself the expense of repairs or replacement. Some cleaning products and papers are not made for septic tanks and should be avoided. Read the labels on products before purchasing to see if they could cause damage to your system.


Sewer lines can be damaged by weather or land settling, they can be corroded and need replacing because of age or the type of materials that were originally installed. If you have damaged lines or have had problems with your tank you should also find out about septic tank pumping and have all of the jobs done at the same time. The lines that go from your septic tank to your house may no longer be the right type for your household. Maybe changes in your plumbing arrangements have affected the size or location of pipes.

There are a couple of different methods used for sewer line cleaning and repairing. Depending on the Septic Cleaning service that you hire to do the work you could be looking at a major expense in both the septic tank plumbing cost and the cost of redoing your lawn. Some services will work with the trench method but there are also services that offer a trench less method which requires less destruction to your lawn.

If you are qualified to do the work and have the time it will be less expensive but time consuming. Practically speaking, this is a job better left in the hands of a professional. There are many services that will offer free quotes to do the job for you. They will come and inspect your sewer system and tell you everything involved with the job. You will get an itemized list of what supplies they will need, how long it will take and what you can expect when the job is done. You can comparison shop and decide if you would prefer a large, well known company or a small neighborhood business. Discuss this with friends or neighbors and find out if they have had problems in the past or if they have used someone in particular for routine cleaning that they liked or use an aerobic septic system.


Try to get several quotes up front rather than relying on the first contractor you speak to. Septic tank cleaning and repair services will vary in price with the amount of work to be done. Check with local businesses to find a reputable, dependable service to ensure you get the best work and the best septic tank pumping cost.

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